Games of the IX Simlympiad
Tourist City 2009 logo.png
Host City Tourist City
Country Raffore Islands
Participating Nations 99 of 8 Unions
Events 148 in 30 sports
Opening Ceremony April 7, 2009
Closing Ceremony April 21, 2009
Main Stadium Tourist City Olympic Stadium
Motto "Huge family. One game."

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Concerns and controversies[edit | edit source]

4 days after the closing ceremony terroists bombed the Tourist City International Airport, causing the entire airport to be engulfed in flames, also destroying a Boeing 777 owned by Singapore Airlines. 2 hours later, the COFR section of the Embassy Strip was bombed. At the same time the West Borneo Simlympic team was supposed to leave but was not found.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

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