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Games of the XIV Simlympiad
Host City Erikkson
Country Insulo
Participating Nations of Unions
Events in sports
Opening Ceremony June , 2011
Closing Ceremony June , 2011
Main Stadium Simlympic Stadium

The June 2011 Simlympics, officially known as the Games of the XIV Simlympiad, are scheduled to take place in Erikkson, Insulo.

Erikkson was elected as the host city on May 1, 2011 durring the 17th ISC Session in Barnanova, defeating Linktoria City, Centreburg and Bruxelas after a round of voting.

Bidding process[]

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By the bid submission deadline of April 18, 2011, five cities had submitted bids to host the June 2011 Simlympics. These cities were Erikkson, Linktoria City, Centreburg, Bruxelas and Weburg.

On the bid deadline, Weburg's bid was disqualified, thus the ISC reduced the number of cities to four: Erikkson, Linktoria City, Centreburg and Bruxelas.

June 2011 Simlympics Bidding Results

City NSC Round 1
Erikkson File:Insulo flag.jpg Insulo -
Linktoria City File:Linktoria flag.jpg Linktoria -
Centreburg File:Corraile flag.jpg Corraile -
Bruxelas File:Fairview flag.jpg Fairview -