Linktoria is a new and fast growing country. The Capital, Linktoia City pop: 152,000 is looking to bid for the May or August 2010 simlympics also using Hackensack and Alexandria. Though Linktoria City may start small, our goal is to host and compete in the simlympic games in the future. "Linktoria, the #1 athletic country in the world."

Winter Simlympics

Linktoria competed at the II Winter Simlympics in Skov'veien


SIlver- 1

Bronze- 2

"smart. athletic. dream" This is Linktoria

Summer Simlympics

May 2010 Games in Sarnia City

Gold- 3

Silver- 7

Bronze- 3


Linktoria City planned on bidding for the August 2010 Simlympics and couldnt pull it off. Hopefully they will bid in November.

Linktoria lost bid in May 2010 ISC session to Cultan Colony and Edelwiess.

County Ally Cincinnati won bid for STLL All Star Game.

Right now Lake Newport is bidding for upcoming ISC session and will bid for the 2011 Winter Simlympics.

Other sports

On February 4th 2010, Linktoria City recieved an exspanion team in the SLB named the Linktoria City Reds.

On February 8th, 2010, Linktoria City recieved an Sim Calico Soccer team named the Linktoria Redbirds.

Linktoria also have a Sim Corps International marching band called Linktoria Travelers

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