The host broadcaster was BBC (Beauxmir Broadcasting Company). This is a list of international broadcasters of the August 2010 Simlympics:

Nation/Union Television Internet Newspaper Magazine
Alliance of Indendent Nations AIN Network
Central Texas Central Texan Broadcasting Corporation, Thomas Entertainment Incorporated
Duwamish DSN (Duwamish Sports Network) dsn.dwh/simlympics Kalama Times, Dawson Herald Sports Today
Escambia YSN (Yi Sports Network)
Insulo IENC 1, IENC Sports, IENC 3
Linktoria Fox 20, ABC 5, NBC 3, LSN (Linktoria Sports Network), LNN (Linktoria National Network) LINK Twitter, LINKBook, LINKTube, Daily Link Linktoria Today
Maritine Island Maritine Island Network (MIN)
Quandt Fox Quandt, Quandt Sports Net (QSN), QSN Plus, Wright Sports Net twitter.qt, facebook.qt,, QSN Magazine
Shushtrepistaz SNN news (Channel 2)

The Great Television Crash[edit | edit source]

The most poignant part of the media coverage happened on the third day of the games. On August 19, at 9:22 AM Petrova time, AINTV was airing a sailing event when suddenly it went to static, then it went to a low-pitched buzzing sound accompanied by a black screen with red "1"s and "0"s for four hours. The same occurred on all television stations shown above.

List of times the black screen occurred:

Central Texas: 12:22 to 4:22 AM CDT

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