National Simlympic Committees (also known as NSC's) are the national constituents of the worldwide Simlympic movement. Subject to the controls of the International Simlympic Committee, they are responsible for organizing their people's participation in the Simlympics. They may nominate cities within their respective areas as candidates for future Simlympics. NSC's also promote the development of athletes and training of coaches and officials at a national level within their geographies.

As of August 3, 2010, there are 120 NSC's, some in real-life continents and others part of special unions. The host union this month, the Alliance of Independent Nations has just about all it's nation have an NSC. Some nations are part of another's NSC territory, including:

A Quandt territory, the Quandt Nalton Islands. An Ainkien territory, the Nalsa Islands.

List of NSC's by region/union[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of the 120 NSC's recognized by the International Simlympic Committee grouped by region and union. Some of these committees were founded years before their official recognition, while others were immediately accepted after being founded. Former states, nowadays non-existent are not listed, only the current states derived from them. Also former unions, nowadays non-existent (League of Nations, the original COFR etc.) are not listed also.

Countries listed in bold have hosted the Simlympics in the past.

Alliance of Independent Nations[edit | edit source]

Country Will compete 12/2010 Competed 5/2010 Competed 8/2010


Yes (Finished 113th)

Yes (Finished 3rd)

Aleksania - Yes (Finished 63rd) Yes (Finished 27th)
Arcacia - Yes (Finished 1st) Yes (Finished 7th)
Bangorai' - No Yes (Finished 104th)
Bob - Yes (Finished 99th) Yes (Finished 28th)
East Rockcoast - Yes (Finished 36th) Yes (Finished 12th)
Fairview - Yes (Finished 106th) Yes (Finished 9th)
Fornax - Yes (Finished 77th) Yes (Finished 8th)
Hiigara - Yes (Finished 65th) Yes (Finished 100th)
Hispania - Yes (Finished 102nd) Yes (Finished 53rd)
Hypertrophy - No Yes (Finished 86th)
Illu'a - Yes (Finished 30th) Yes (Finished 108th)
Lanaya - No Yes (Finished 19th)
Lower Columbia - Yes (Finished 6th) Yes (Finished 10th)
Petrova - Yes (Finished 22nd) Yes (Finished 2nd)
Republic of Caleré - No Yes (Finished 15th)
Starfishland - No ???
Shushtrepistaz - No Yes (Finished 109th)
Tongolia - Yes (Finished 10, host country) Yes (Finished 97th)
Tirnreich - Yes (Finished 86th) Yes (Finished 14th)
United Islands of Ollingdale - No Yes (Finished 36th)

Americas[edit | edit source]

Country Will compete 8/2010 Competed 5/2010
Ainkien Yes Yes (Finished 4th)
Alelantis Yes No
Alton & Upton Yes Yes (Finished 64th)
Arranossa Yes Yes (Finished 32nd)
Calioshire Yes Yes (Finished 88th)
Central Texas Yes Yes (Finished 45th)
Dutch Columbia Yes Yes (Finished 94th)
Eco Land Yes No
Greater Terran Region Yes Yes (Finished 20th)
Insulo Yes No
Kenosha Yes Yes (Finished 72nd)
Kiji Yes Yes (Finished 44th)
Linden Yes Yes (Finished 51st)
Linktoria Yes Yes (Finished 29th)
Maritine Island Yes Yes (Finished 47th)
Nabew Yes No
New Bordeaux Yes Yes (Finished 2nd)
New Chandler Yes Yes (as Cultan Republic, finished 9th)
Oceanport Yes Yes (Finished 80th)
Ontara Yes Yes (Finished 68th)
Port Matthew Yes Yes (Finished 49th)
Quandt Yes No
West Logan Yes Yes (Finished 5th)
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