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Games of the I Simlympiad
Host City New Rhodesia City
Country New Rhodesia
Participating Nations 4 of 2 Unions
Events 30 in 30 sports
Opening Ceremony October 1, 2006
Closing Ceremony October 14, 2009
Main Stadium Millennium Stadium

The October 2006 Simlympics, also known as Rhodesia Newydd Dinas 2006 and New Rhodesia City 2006, and officially known as the Games of the I Simlympiad, was the first hosting of the Simlympics held in New Rhodesia City, New Rhodesia of the SCJU.

As the first ever Simlympic Games, a total of only four nations participated. After an event of only fourteen days, Casanares became the winner after accumulating a total of 30 medals, 10 of which were gold. The host country came in second with 24 medals.





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Medal Count[]

In the following, gold medals count as two points towards the total. Bronze medals were not awarded in the Games. The host nation, New Rhodesia, is highlighted.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Total
1 Casanares 10 10 30
2 New Rhodesia 7 10 24
3 Manchester 8 5 21
4 DeKalb 6 5 17


As the first Simlympic Games the October 2006 games set the stage for many of the several sport leagues that exsist today. While a humble and crude begining in comparision to the spectecal that the games are today the Octoer 2006 games are the one that started it all and gave life to the simsports community. To this day New Rhodesia is honored at every opening ceremony as the first nation to host the simlympic games.

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