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Games of the XI Simlympiad
Leah 2009 logo.png
Host City Leah
Country Paranor Island
Participating Nations 95 of 10 Unions
Events 148 in 30 sports
Opening Ceremony October 2, 2009
Closing Ceremony October 19, 2009
Main Stadium Simlympic Stadium

The October 2009 Simlympics, also known as Leah 2009 and officially known as the Games of the XI Simlympiad, was a major SimCity Online Community multi-sport event held in Leah, Paranor Island of the SCJU. It was the first Simlympics that League of Nations members participated in.

Leah was awarded the Games over four other bids on September 1, 2009. The Government of the Republic of Paranor Island invested heavily on its presentation causing other bids to withdraw. The highlight of the bid was its use of the portable document format (PDF) which was 25 pages long. This was also the first time a bid was presented in PDF format.

The Games ran from October 2nd to the 19th, when the closing ceremony took place. The October 2009 Simlympic Torch Relay was held fourteen days days prior to the day of the opening ceremony. 95 nations participated in the October 2009 Simlympics, and it was the largest staging of the event despite the downgrade in number of participating countries from 112 nations.



Leah was chosen as the host of the 2009 October Simlympics on September 1, 2009 at the ISC session in Corisica, Santiago. The session was said to be very heated and very close but in the end Leah pulled through as the winner. The other candidates were Cardiff, Victoria; Haarlemstraat; Victoria and Lafayette, Auvergne.



Media Coverage[]

thumb|300px|left|The first television coverage. The October 2009 Simlympics set the milestone for the first ever Simlympics to contain actual broadcast television by Jiesan's Radio Television Arts, which covered a story on the country's Simlympic tennis doubles team's bid for another gold following their first place finish at the July 2009 Simlympics while featuring the Simlympic emblem along its network logo as the official Simlympic broadcaster for Jiesan and Isporos. Though brief and not a total presentation of the Games, RTA promised to develop its venture to broadcast entire Simlympic events in the future.

The following broadcasters have been given broadcasting rights for the games:

Nation/Union Broadcaster
official thread
Fornax FDT-UMC
Greenwich GBC
official thread
New Bordeaux NBBC
Novland RDS

Torch Relay[]


Opening Ceremony[]


Closing Ceremony[]


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