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Games of the XVII Simlympiad
Atarashima 2012 Logo black.png
Host City Atarashima
Country Atarashima
Participating Nations 154 of 4 Unions
Events 316
Opening Ceremony October 6, 2012
Closing Ceremony October 23, 2012
Main Stadium Kagyoma Metrodome
Motto Ignite the Fire!

The October 2012 Simlympics, also called the Games of the XVII Simlympiad and Atarashima 2012, are a scheduled summer Simlympic Games which will be held in Atarashima beginning on October 6, 2012.




The venues for the games were mainly along the south of Atarashima. These venues were all accessible via a public transportation method with the exception of a few venues.

Kagyoma Park[]

Kagyoma Park was the site of many venues. Built with reclaimed land, it extended off the coast of Atarashima giving it a wonderful view of Minato Bay. The main stadium for the games, Kagyoma Metrodome was also located at Kagyoma Park.


Transportation in Atarashima was improved by increasing the number of buses and trains during the period of the games so the capacity would remain stabalised.

Kagyoma Park was connected via the Water taxi, City West Tram, ARTS and TransBus. All of the stations were connected via an underground passageway with retail shops.

Most of the venues also had parking facilities, however most tourists either used the taxi or public transportation due to its efficiency.

Media Coverage[]

The games were broadcasted live in many countries all over the world. AN04, Atarashima's broadcasting service for the Simlympics had a special dedicated channel especially for the Simlympics, offering non-stop action of the events.

Other broadcasters included: Central Digital Stations (Okaiken), LCCity Channel (Saint Croix), Barnanova Televisió (Barnanova), Árþuran Brádspel Nettweorc (Æscgeard) and FTV Deportes (Hispania). Most of these channels broadcasted the events live depending on the timezones.


Opening Ceremony[]


Closing Ceremony[]


Medal Count[]


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